The Prophet Joseph Smith in Old South Bainbridge and Colesville, New York: Silver Mine, Marriage, and Court Trials



Old South Bainbridge, New York is the location of the home of Josiah Stowell as well as where Joseph and Emma Smith were married. Joseph met Emma when he worked for Stowell searching for a purported silver mine in the area near Harmony, Pennsylvania. Stowell believed in Joseph as a prophet and helped him in the attempt to secure or sell the copyright of the Book of Mormon in Canada. Newly available manuscripts of the revelation regarding the Canadian copyright journey clarify a previous account of David Whitmer and show that he was in error. Stowell’s home and two fireplace mantels from Zechariah Tarbill’s home, where Joseph and Emma were married, can still be seen. This area of New York was also the site of several court trials. One of those trials was most likely held in the old Nathaniel Cole Tavern in Colesville, New York. Joseph’s attorney, John Reid, reported that he felt inspired in his defense of the Joseph and was able to obtain his discharge.

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