Book of Mormon Publication: EB Grandin Printshop, Palmyra, NY

Grandin Printshop
Print shop on the third floor of the EB Grandin Printing Building


Egbert Bratt Grandin was a 23-year old printer in downtown Palmyra, New York contracted to print 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon for $3,000. For such a young man, and such a new business typesetting and producing such a large order was daunting. At over 500 pages, utilizing 37 “signatures,” or, in other words, 16 large sheets folded and cut into book-sized pages, the project moved forward. On March 26, 1830, the first copies of the completed Book of Mormon came off the press and were advertised for sale at $1.75.
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The ink splattered on the back wall shown here remains from the original press work at the E.B Grandin building.

Leather from the original Grandin inking balls along with pieces of lead printer’s type were discovered during an architectural investigation to determine the historical plan of the building.



• The first publication of the Book of Mormon with leather binding is represented by a replica book lying on the counter and several copies in the book shelf second row, second column. • An original copy of a book published in 1832, The Mathematical Expositor, is located under glass on the table. • Attorney Office: The attorney’s office was rented space and is not really part of the story of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. The attorney’s name was Thomas P. Baldwin. It is uncertain when Baldwin occupied this space or how long he was here. However, advertisements directed potential clients to this office during the time the Book of Mormon was being published.