Salt Lake Eagle Gate

An interesting arch was erected in 1859 to mark the entrance to President Brigham Young’s property. The original twenty-two-foot gate has undergone several remodeling projects over the years and now stands as a seventy-six-foot span. It serves as a reminder of Brigham Young’s strength, patriotism, and integrity.

An early view of the Eagle Gate, courtesy Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

Original wooden Eagle in the DUP Museum Salt lake City, photo by John P. Starrs

Modern Eagle, photo by John P. Starrs

Modern Eagle Gate, photo by John P. Starrs

Modern Gateway The present bronze gateway, its eagle a scale enlargement of the original, has been erected as a tribute to the visionary and patriotic pioneers who founded Salt Lake City © by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

The Eagle Gate shown with cobblestone wall around the Brigham Young properties. L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Brigham Young University